Mar 20, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop March 2017

I consider myself very lucky to get free jewellery and more from an awesome company called Body jewellery Shop.. They not only have gorgeous earrings, amazing body jewellery, they also have a wide selection of hair & beauty items, nail polish, Halloween costumes, contacts, & more..
This is what I got this time...

Two-Tone Titanium Circular Barbell (pink & blue)
 I got 2 of these, and they are gorgeous & very versatile ! I can use them in my ears, lips, or my septum. I really like these ! They also come with a spike instead of a ball and they are available in many different sizes.

 Two-Tone Titanium Micro Body Spiral (pink & blue)
 I also got 2 of these and they are so cool looking!! I can use them in my ears or my lips. They match the circular barbells I got and i can mix and match them with other pink or blue jewelry.

Titanium Flat Tongue Stud (dark blue)

 I have tried every type of tongue ring you can find, and this is honestly the most comfortable one I have ever tried! You can barely even tell you are wearing it! I love the flat ends- so much better than having those big balls that most tongue rings have! these are internally threaded and come in a variety of colors and lengths.

Stargazer Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (white)

It is hard to see in the photo, but this liner looks so pretty! I got it in white, so it is not super noticeable, but it gives your eyes  little hints of glitter that look beautiful in person. (In the photo below I am wearing it on the inner corners of my eye and also on my bottom lashline..)The glitter stays put too- it doesn't flake off like many glitters do!

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye(black)

 The last item I got was the Stargazer Hair Dye in Black. I have not tried it yet, but have tried other Stargazer hair dyes and they work better than other temporary or semi permanent dye I have tried. The color stays in your hair a really long item and doesn't bleed out or rinse out every time you wash your hair like some other brands.
 If you have not already checked out this site, you really should! Their products are all high quality,their prices are super low and the shipping is fast!!!