Jan 23, 2017

SpOOky Eyes Contact Lenses

I was sent 2 pairs of amazing contacts (for free!)from Spooky Eyes to try & review ! They are both unusual colors (white and purple), but they are so pretty I might just wear them all the time ! :-)
 The first pair are called Banshee Purple, and the color is very unique, It is like a neon lavender!... Beautiful!!!

Banshee Purple Contacts

The second pair are called Lunar Eclipse. They are absolutely stunning. They are white, but they have a glow to them..they really make your eyes stand out!
Lunar Eclipse Contacts

Both pair are extremely comfortable. In fact, I can wear them all day and almost forget I am wearing them!! If you are in the market for some new contacts, you really need to check out Spooky Eyes!! The selection, price, and quality are all excellent.
 Follow the links below to get your own!!

Banshee Purple Contacts

Lunar Eclipse Contacts

SpookyEyes website

Spooky Eyes Contacts

Jan 15, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop Review

 Body Jewellery Shop has jewelry for every type of piercing-cheek piercings,nose piercings, septum piercings,  Ear Piercings 
..and so much more! They even have non-jewelry items such as makeup, nail polish, and hair dye!
If you have not checked them out yet, you are truly missing out!!
 Here are the items they sent to me recently. They were sent to me for free, but my reviews are always honest regardless of whether I pay for them or not.

purple eyelets, rainbow circular barbell,and purple/silver striped barbell
 Blackline Hinged Segment Ring (BKBCSH)(1.2x8mm)
 These not only look great, and have so many different uses- they are also super comfortable! I absolutely love these !!

Purple Titanium Open Nose Ring (NOCPT-A)0.8mm x 8mm
This little nose ring is a great addition to my purple body jewelry collection! The picture really does not do it justice-it is really pretty and fit perfectly!

Purple Double Flared Steel Eyelet (CL DFE-ST)(5mm)
 Another great addition to my purple collection- these steel eyelets are a necessity for anyone with stretched ears. I have been looking for purple ones for awhile. They are really hard to find, but I was not surprised to find them here. They have pretty much any kind of body jewelry you could possibly want!

Venetian Striped Titanium Barbell - Purple & Silver (XVS - PS)1.6 x 38mm
Last month I got the cutest silver/purple striped circular barbell, and now I have the Industrial barbell to match! Another unique find from Body jewellery Shop! They have other color combinations to choose from too!

 Titanium Circular Barbell - Rainbow (XCB-RB) 1.2mm x 7mm

I LOVE these! Actually, I love all of the rainbow jewelry I have found at this website. They are all gorgeous and actually look like rainbow, unlike many other companies so called rainbow jewelry.

Skulls Barbell & Threaded Accessories Set - Black and White (PERKS2)
These are so cool! You get one tongue barbell and 5 different tops for it. I chose the skull designs. This comes with 2 metal skulls, one flat-top metal/acrylic top, and 2 round acrylic balls. They are all adorable, and the price was incredible for what you get !! they have many other bonus packs of jewelry also .

As a surprise they threw in a bottle of awesome pink hair dye for me this month! It is the perfect color for me, and it takes very little to do your hair. AND it is not washing out like a lot of other brands I have used in the past. I think I have a new favorite brand of hair dye!!

Body Jewellery Shop Review

Ear Piercings