Dec 5, 2016

My Beautiful People

 I have always been a bit of an outcast. Different.Strange,Weird. Unique. I think it is my best quality. I pride myself in not following the crowd, I know that crazy hair color has become more common lately,but where I live there are not many people with it, and I still get looks everywhere I go -& comments like "WOW! Your hair is Pink!" (I guess they do not think I am aware of this)..Maybe it is because of my age. I am a Grandmother after all, But I am a strong believer in age just being a number, and I see absolutely no reason why I should stop being myself just because I get to a certain age.

 I have quite a lot of piercings now too- and of course they are not ones that many people here (Virginia) see very often. My cheek piercings, for example. You would be surprised at how many people did not even know that you could pierce them. I cannot count the number of times someone has asked me "WHY would you do that to yourself"? My answer is pretty simple. Because I wanted to. That is the only reason I need. I could not even find someone to do the piercings, which was fine with me because I prefer doing my own piercings anyway. And for the record, I LOVE them!! I do not have a single regret when it comes to my piercings, and the cheek ones are by far my favorite!Other piercings I have are my septum, nostril, Industrial, 6 lobe piercings, 2 stretched lobes (currently at a 4 gauge), tongue, snake bites and nipples. I am going to pierce my Medusa (Phithrum) as soon as I am fully recovered from this horrid cold I have had for about 2 weeks now.
If you are a weirdo like me :-) please do not worry about what others say about you. Their opinion really should not what makes YOU happy. Life is way too short to try to go around pleasing everyone. and just so you know, you will never be able to please everyone why the hell waste time and energy trying?!

 I believe that real beauty is when someone is being their true go ahead, dye your hair green, pierce whatever you want , tattoo your face if that is what makes you happy. Yes you will have ignorant people make comments to you, and yes you will get stares from close minded people. But honestly, do you really care what those people think? I promise you it is not going to hurt anyone if you do these things, and you will feel amazing once you are the YOU that you want to be!

I would love to see pictures of all of you true beauties, and with your permission would love to post your photos here. You can email them to me at Once I get enough I will make a post about my beautiful people...Let me know if you want your name published with the pic or if you simply want to be anonymous.