Dec 12, 2016

Body Jewellery Shop/body jewelry haul

I was sent these amazing pieces of jewelry from a very awesome company called Body jewellery Shop. So I did not use my money to buy any of these items, but I will, as always, give you my honest opinion on all of them..
This is a 14 gauge/8mm BioFlex Labret Stud with a silver and Pink Push-Fit Heart Attachment ..It is so adorable, very sturdy and is going to be perfect for my Medusa piercing.
 Silver & BioFlex Labret Stud - Large Pink Heart (SLA160 PK)
 Silver & BioFlex Labret Stud - Large Pink Heart (SLA160 PK)
The next piece is a 14 gauge/10mm Titanium Flat Tongue Stud in Rainbow..I cannot even tell you how much I love this one-it is the prettiest rainbow titanium jewelry I have ever seen..Usually rainbow pieces have 2, maybe 3 colors on them, but this one truly looks like a rainbow. I love the flat ends too. It is hard to find barbells with the flat discs instead of balls, but it is what I prefer for most of my piercings. I plan to use this for my lip piercings and my Medusa.
Titanium Flat Tongue Stud - Rainbow (FTB - RBN)
The next 2 things I ordered are for my Septum, but they can also be used in many other piercings.
Two Tone Titanium Coned Circular Barbell, 16 gauge/8mm. I wish I could have gotten a better photo of this one, because it really is gorgeous. I have never seen the striped circular barbells before, and instantly fell in love with this one. It comes in other colors as well, and they are equally beautiful.I plan on ordering at least a few more of these to use in my ear piercings.
Two Tone Titanium Coned Circular Barbell - Purple (TCBC2T-PU-HP)

This one is a Steel Stretching Crescent, It is generally used for stretching your lobes, but I am going to use it in my septum. It is available in 1.2mm-10mm. I really love the simplicity of this and I know it is going to look amazing in my piercing!
Steel Stretching Crescent (SRE 3)
Last but most certainly not least, is the 16 gauge/6mm Girly Skull Ear Piercing Stud. I love skulls but this one is particularly adorable because it is "girly" with its heart eye sockets and the bow. So cute!!
Girly Skull Ear Piercing Stud (TIB-04)

If you want to order any of these I put the product description and the product codes in the captions of the photos. You really need to check out this site!-they have everything!!..body jewelry, obviously, and regular jewelry, nail polish, hair dye,Halloween costumes, colored contacts, and much, much more..It is truly awesome and I highly recommend them!!. The prices on everything are really cheap, and the shipping is super fast!!I cannot say enough good things about them!!