Jul 19, 2014

Cover Girl Value Set

I found this awesome set at Kmart on clearance ($4.99). You get a 

full size "Clump Crusher" Lash 

Blast Mascara in black, a full size "perfect point plus" 

self-sharpening eye pencil in black onyx, and a 

 fairly big sample size of the "truMAGIC" skin perfector mattifier. I 
am a big fan of primes and this 

one is really nice! It goes on smoothly and then dries to a silky 

feeling, clear powder. It works great 

and I plan on buying a full sized one . I am not sure where else you 

can fins this. but if you happen  to 
see it when you are out shopping, you should grab one ( or 

two)..This is a remarkable deal.The 

mascara alone costs more than what you pay for all 3 of these 


naked 3 concealer palette