Jun 21, 2014

My Obsession With Eyeshadow Palettes

 I love makeup. All kinds of makeup-many different brands.. But lately I have realized that I am particularly obsessed with one type of makeup in particular...eyeshadow. More specifically, eyeshadow palettes.
I blame the artist in me for this.. some palettes are so beautiful to look at-not just once they are on your eyes, but in the palette itself.I especially love my Inglot palettes, because I design them myself , and their colors are absolutely gorgeous!!I will end up buying their shadows until I have them all, and spend hours getting the palettes perfect..just so that they are "pretty" to look at . I will probably never be able to wear all of the ones I currently own, but for me, it is like owning a piece of artwork. I wish that I could frame them and put them on my wall.

Thanks to sites that sell them extremely cheap,& stores like Kmart & Big Lots having sales,I have managed to acquire a pretty decent collection of palettes in a short period of time. I Some are high-end brands, some are brands I have never heard of, but couldn't resist the colors. I have neutral palettes, bright palettes, neon palettes,smoky palettes, metallic palettes, pastel palettes,& matte palettes.

 Recently I purchased some pigments & a kit for pressing eyeshadows. I guess that means my obsession has gone to a whole new level..It isn't enough just to buy eyeshadow palettes, now I want to make my own. I can mix colors together and actually design my own personalized colors. That is  too awesome to even put into words.

 I can't wait to get started experimenting with them.Who knows, maybe I will get really good at making them and develop my own line of eyeshadows- combining my love of art & makeup!