Jun 10, 2014

Kmart mini-haul

  They had a few eye shadow palettes on clearance at Kmart today, so I figured I may as well grab them. I honestly expected them to be crap, but I am VERY surprised at how nice these shadows are!!
  The first ones I saw were by Profusion, who I have heard of before, but never actually tried. The particular palettes they had are called "Ready To Glow"
.Each one has 12 different shadows, and each palette was $1.99.There must have been about 6 different ones, all with similar colors but with slight differences.I bought the one with the most pink shades in it. Not sure why I only picked one, but now that i know how awesome the shadows are I am going back to get more!!
 All of the palettes had gorgeous colors! Shimmery,white, pink,brown and gold hues. They are super pigmented and feel extremely creamy on your skin. I have not actually worn these on my eyes,but the way they looked and felt on my hand with no primer- I can only imagine how fabulous they are going to look !!

The other brand that caught my eye was L.A. COLORS. They had 5 different palettes on sale for $3.99,and they all had really pretty colors, but I have so many eye shadows now, I decided to only get 2 of them.
They have 16 eye shadows, and just like the Profusion palettes, these all have great pigmentation & feel ultra creamy. These have a wide variety of gorgeous colors-all have at least some shimmer to them. Some appear more shimmery than others on your skin.


 One of the palettes is called "Haute".It has some neutral shades, pinks,
yellow, greens, blues & purples. I REALLY like this palette.The colors are all very vibrant and the faint hint of shimmer makes them absolutely gorgeous.


 The second one I picked up is called "Smokin".The shadows in this palette have a deeper, richer tone to them- browns, greens, blues,and greys,a beautiful magenta shade, champagne,lilac,white, and  a nice black shade.Just
like the other palette. these all have wonderful pigmentation, feel super creamy and have just the right amount of shimmer.

So it looks like I will be making another trip back to Kmart soon :-)..These are incredible deals!! Just proves you don't always get what you pay for!!!