May 21, 2014

Coppertone CLEARLYSheer

Have I got a sunscreen for you!!!...I have always HATED sunscreens because they make you feel sticky and most of them smell horrible!! So..I always end up sunburned.Every summer. Now, thanks to #BzzAgent & #Coppertone , I am going to be wearing sunscreen every time I go outside. I am in love with these new sunscreens!!(never thought I would say those words lol).

Because I am a BzzAgent,I was sent a big box full of the new COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer™ Sunscreens(FOR FREE).There are two kinds: the normal one for sunny days, and the waterproof one ! They come in sprays and lotions, and they come in at least 2 different SPF levels.( I was sent the 30 SPF and the 50 SPF).. All of them sink right into your skin and once they have absorbed , you cannot even tell you are wearing sunscreen! You will be able to smell the wonderful fragrance of them though. They don;t smell like normal sunscreens. These actually smell good!!

So go on out and pick one of these up!! I know you will love it!!!

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