May 12, 2014

*BONUS* Dupe #2 !! Urban Decay VS Wet N WIld

Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening Palette vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette


We all know the vast difference in price between Urban Decay and Wet N WIld. Compare these two palettes and tell me they are not identical to each other!! AMAZING considering there is a $45 difference in price!! Yes, the UD palette has more shadows, but who ever uses every color in a palette? I rarely do.If you must have the entire UD palette, by all means buy it(go to if you want to own some fabulous colors for much cheaper, check out Wet N Wild!!


Drugstore Dupe of the Week!! NARS vs NYX

NARS Galapagos Eyeshadow VS. NYX Golden Amber Eyeshadow

NARS shadow retails for around $25, and the NYX is $5. That is quite a price difference! So, how do they compare?These shades are practically
identical, although the NARS shadow is slightly more pigmented, so you have to apply an extra coat of the NYX to duplicate the exact color.(with a $20 price difference, you can afford to swipe on one extra layer!).The NARS also contains harmful ingredients such as triclosan, BHA, and aluminum powder.NYX does not contain these or other harmful ingredients.
I honestly cannot think of one good reason to choose the NARS shadow over the NYX.(unless you just HAVE to have the "name" on your package)..