Apr 24, 2014

TRY beauty box five for FREE!

  There is a beauty box that I have heard about for some time now, but could never decide if I wanted to try or not. Well, I found a coupon code for FREE first month with them (Beauty Box 5)!!! So,..obviously I have to try them out now!! ( I cannot pass up a free beauty box!!)I have seen lots of BB5 unboxing videos, and read tons of reviews- and it seems most people are very happy with them!The box will ship out on the 8th, so i will soon be able to do my own review and decide for myself if I want to keep the subscription.
  Every month you will get 5 deluxe samples and full-sized products-  makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products, for $12 a month!

 Get your first month free, too!!..use the link below to sign up, and use

the code FIRSTBOXFREE at the checkout!!If you decide to keep the 

subscription, it will cost $12 a month-but you can cancel after you get 
your free box if you want to!


Nail Art Gothic Dolls

The Walking Dead Nail Art