Apr 21, 2014

Drugstore Dupes

   Urban Decay Naked Palette vs. We N Wild Naked Awakening

Urban Decay Palette is $54, Wet N Wild Nude Awakening is $4.99. With UD 
you get 12 eyeshadow, with Wet N Wild you only get 8, but considering the difference in price, personally I could live without the 4 shadows!! Wet N Wild shadows are highly pigmented, but I recommend using a primer just so the shadow stays on longer!( I use primer with any eyeshadow!)..
Now, let's compare these shadows to see just how similar they are..I don;t think the decision of which one to buy will be a difficult one !!



Wet N Wild Swatches
Urban Decay Naked Swatches

New Weekly Blog Post: drustore dupes!

*I wanted to give everyone a heads-up..I am starting a new series of weekly posts..I know I cannot afford the high-end makeup that i see advertised everywhere..but what if there was an identical product, just WAY less expensive?!..I have discovered so many of these drugstore dupes, one post simply is not enough. Plus I am constantly discovering more dupes all the time. Follow my blog and every week you will learn about more great alternatives to those high-end products!!Some weeks I may even post more than one, depending on how many I have found.*
(see next post for my first actual drugstore dupe find!)

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