Apr 19, 2014


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Miracle 10 Skincare Travel Set

I recently won $135 worth of skincare products from "miracle 10".The contest was on Loose Button's facebook page.

I was shocked when I received the package in the mail, because the bottles were fairly large glass bottles.
Very nice.  On the site the kit I got is listed as a "travel set", and it does cost $135! I really thought it would turn out to be a scam, like  "get this if you buy this".. or the bottles would be "sample size".I was wrong on both accounts. I actually won a legitimate, expensive prize! Go, me!! ..

I have been using the products for the past 3 days. The first step in the regimen is the cleanser.It has a citrusy scent, feels sort of silicone-like on your skin, doesn't lather much, and rinses off really well. Oh, it also cleans your face well (should have mentioned that first, considering that is the whole point of a cleanser!) Next is the toner. It is really strong (and I am pretty sure they sent me the kit for sensitive skin!)-somewhere in between witch hazel & alcohol. Doesn't really have a scent,faintly smells of alcohol..stings a tiny bit when you apply it, but that goes away super fast, and your face dries really quickly. I love the way my face feels after using it!(firm and soft-if that makes any sense lol).the next step is different in the morning and at night. In the morning, your next step is to apply the light serum. This stuff smells SOO BAD. It feels nice on your skin, but I cannot get past the smell. It reminds me of burning tires.I am not kidding, it is dreadfully horrible.And the smell doesn't go away after it absorbs into your skin. SO your face stinks all day basically. You would think they would have found a way to make it smell better, especially for the price they are charging people!.anyway-moving on...
At bedtime you repeat the first two steps -cleanser and toner. After the toner you apply the AHA cream, and then the "night", which is a heavier moisturizer, but smells much better than the light serum. the nighttime routine isn't bad. Nothing smells horrible, and they all feel nice on your face.
As far as results, I don't think I have been using the products long enough,and not being able to use the serum during the day might also make a difference*. I know that I would definitely not ever buy skincare products that cost as much as these do, and I would not pay $1 for the light serum, even if it truly was some sort of "miracle" product as the name infers..just because of that awful smell.
I don't mean to sound like I am not appreciative of them sending me all of these products- I am very grateful.I even thought about not doing this review, because I am VERY TRUTHFUL in my reviews and don't hold back when giving my opinion of a product. .but obviously I decided to do it after all..
I am not saying not to try these products-the only problem I have is with the one particular product. There are 3 different types of kits to choose from- maybe one of the other 2 have a product that smells better?!..

* I have been using "Olay age defying antiwrinkle day cream" in place of the light serum



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