Apr 15, 2014

Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette from Sephora

Even though I didn't get much in this Sephora order, it is the most expensive one yet. (thanks to my Kat Von D Monarch palette)..

The only other thing I ordered was the Velvet eyeliner appliques..and the only reason I got them was so I would get free shipping. (That gives you an idea of how mush the palette was!!).I used a coupon code to get a free trial size Dior Lash Primer, and  as always, got 3 nice samples with my order. I always try to get perfume samples- they come in little vials with a spray nozzle. You can actually get quite a few uses out of them!

I am going to try to find the code I used for the primer, and I also have alot more coupon codes, not only for Sephora but many other online stores.I am going to dedicate an entire page to those. If you are interested, follow my blog and you should be seeing that post very soon.
I am also going to do pictures, maybe a video of this palette. There are so many different ways to wear these shadows!There are 3 different bases that change the look of the eyeshadow when you wear it underneath. The combinations are endless! I can't wait to play with it!! :-)

If you want to order this awesome palette, other Kan Von D products (exclusive to Sephora), or maybe just want to look around- follow the link below.(don't forget to watch for those coupon codes!).Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, you will get all kinds of special offers and coupons!


April 2014 Cult Spring Fling BlackBox

I chose the "Spring Fling" BlackBox for my April "Cult" subscription box. It is a really nice set. I love the waterproof white eye crayon, and the makeup brushes. And the polishes are gorgeous!-Belmont Shore is a nice, pretty pink color, and Hollywood forever is described as:" light-shattering polish. It's opalescent glow and luminescent shades go on like magic over any base color.".
The more I am with this subscription box, the more I like them. I still prefer Julep, but this one is definately my second favorite!!

 Want this set? Follow this link, and remember to use the code:PENNYPOLISH to get it for a penny, plus $5 for shipping!(If you don't like this set, there are lots more to choose from!)