Apr 13, 2014

April Julep Box

I was so happy with my first, free box from Julep that I not only decided to continue the membership ($19.99/month), but I also ordered 2 add-ons with my order.When you get your monthly box, you are given a page of add-on options, and the prices are incredibly low!

I really like Julep's subscription box. I think this will be one I keep subscribing to for a long time!And if you get 2 people to sign up, you get your next month free!My next 2 months are going to be free, thanks to my friends (& family). 

The items included in my box this month were the bronzer & the blush.The They are amazingly silky, and stay on all day! So far I have loved every product I have tried from Julep, so I am not surprised.The 2 nail polishes are my add-ons.


If you want to see what I am always raving about, follow this link and check them out! Use either code at checkout : FREEBOX or MAVENBFF to get your first box free, just pay $4.99 s/h!! If you don;t want ot continue your subscription, simply cancel and pay nothing else! I have a  feeling you won;t want to though, once you see how fantastic their products are!! here is the link:




Amazon "Hard Candy" Haul

I am always looking for a good deal on makeup. I have been shopping at Amazon for years- it is where I got about 90& of my movies, video games, and toys for my son. Recently I was looking around on there and I noticed they had "Wholesale cosmetics Lots" so, of course, I checked it out. I was a little leery, because it did not tell you what you would be getting. It simply said mixed lot, no duplicates.I thought I would probably end up with a bunch of makeup in colors/products no one would ever wear, but they had one for $10, with free shipping. SO I decided it was worth the risk just to see...
 It took a little longer than most items on Amazon do to get to me, but once I got it I was really surprised, and very happy with what I received in the box!It was supposed to be 10 items, but I actually got 12, so that was a nice surprise!
Here is what I got:
mascara in electric blue
mascara in black
1 nail polish-gray with black specks
bronzer/highlighter stick
loose body glitter (pink)
eyeshadow glitter (light green)
baked eyeshadow in a gorgeous chocolate brown/bronze color (sparkly)
cream eyeshadow tube ("Eye Def") in a light blue
plumping lipgloss
"lip def" tube in bronze
..and last, but not least: my favorite product: concealer/corrector palette with 6 shades, including 3 skin tones, yellow, green, and a pink/lilac. comes with an attached, covered applicator

After I saw what I ha received, I immediately went right back to Amazon and ordered a lot of 25 items from the same seller (Bozley's Bargains)..I will be posting about that one as soon as I receive it!
I guess it pays to take a chance once on awhile after all!