Apr 5, 2014

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

 I have been wanting this mascara for a very long time, but couldn't see spending $23 on any mascara. I have always been a drugstore makeup kind of girl. Especially mascaras.Maybelline and L'oreal both have excellent mascaras, and they are under $10. Why pay twice as much for a mascara, just because it has a fancy name?
 Well..since I have been beauty blogging, I have started getting a zillion emails every day from places like Ulta, Sephora,Urban Decay, MAC, & yes, even the elusive Too Faced. They all try to lure you in with special "sales" and Promotions. In a moment of weakeness, I clicked over to Too Faced and looked around. The only thing I saw that I really wanted was that darn mascara. And it was, of course, on sale. I probably went back and forth for 3 days before finally deciding that it would greatly benefit my blog to step away from my norm and try something new. So I bought it. My first high-end mascara EVER.

I had it for a few days before trying it. I am not sure if I was afraid I would be disappointed,and feel like I wasted money,or that I would LOVE it, and never want to go back to my drugstore mascaras.
The brush is hourglass shaped-which is really unique. Well, it was until Covergirl came out with their "Flamed Out" mascara, which is getting great reviews and seems really similar to BTS.The formula is really thick and very black. I didn't curl my lashes at all, and I could tell right away that it added curl. It also gave them alot of volume, but I have never been a fan of volume,since it almost always ends up clumpy.This mascara is no exception.It did add a good amount of length to my lashes too, but by the time they were as long as I wanted, they were really clumpy.
I don't hate this mascara-if I take the time to separate my lashes after each application I think it would look really good.I won't ever buy it again, though.Honestly, even on sale, this mascara is not worth the money.I would much rather use my drugstore stand-bys.None of them ever made my lashes clumpy and added a great deal more length.
At least now I know how I feel about this mascara. And, who knows-maybe I won't ever feel the need to roam from my good old cheap mascaras again.:-)