Oct 25, 2014

Is your Skin Ready for Winter?

Snow, Santa, Mistletoe.....Yes-Winter is on it's way, and with it comes so many wonderful things. As much as we may love that time of year,our skin does not! Chapped lips & dry, itchy skin usually follow very closely behind that first frost. There are ways to avoid them,though ~

Here are 10 basic tips:

To do my part in the "winter skin battle" I will be adding some Seasonal products to my Natural Bath & Body Products line that are super moisturizing ..Lip Scrubs,Lip Butters, Extra thick Body Butters, Silky Lotion Bars & Moisturizing Face/Body Scrubs ~just to name a few.
If you cannot order your own Winter skincare products from me (or from somewhere else),do yourself (& your skin) a favor & get a big jar of shea or cocoa butter. It won't work as well as the products I make, but it will help!  You can use the butters everywhere,even your lips. Be sure to slather yourself down as soon as you get out of the shower so it will hold in the moisture!
I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as my new products are ready. If you decide to purchase any of them from me, I promise you will not be disappointed!