May 30, 2014

Sugarpill !!

I am SOOOO excited right now! I finally got to order some "Sugarpill" eye shadows!! (I have wanted these shadows for a very long time!!)
.I am so excited, in fact,that I did not want to wait until I got them to do a post about them. I have watched a zillion youtube videos and read about as many reviews about these shadows to know they are phenomenal if you are looking for bright, neon colors!!
The pigmentation is amazing and the colors themselves are gorgeous! They are rather pricey(although much cheaper than alot of high end makeup) so I have been trying to find good deals on them and I am having to buy a few here and there.My goal is to own all 3 of the current palettes so I can make my own "Sugarpill Pro Palette".This palette was only sold a few times, and is very hard to find!!!..but I can make one that looks almost identical, so that's okay :-)
the original "Pro Palette"
I posted 2 videos previous to this post to show you how to do it. It won;t be difficult to make,I just need all of the shadows and an empty palette :-).If you would like to get some Sugarpill for yourself, I will leave a few links below. I found different products were cheaper at some sites, and others were cheaper at other sites. You just have to do some research, and be sure to check to see if there are any coupons active for the sites too!

Sweetheart Palette
Heartbreaker Palette
Burning Heart Palette

Sugarpill! Depot Your Eyeshadows & Make Your Own Palette!

DIY Sugarpill Pro Palette w/ CRC Ben Nye Palette

May 27, 2014

**Drugstore Dupes!!** UD vs WNW **

Urban Decay vs Wet N Wild

These are only a small portion of the many Wet n Wild dupes there are for Urban Decay shadows. I basically just buy every WnW shadow I can find, because they all seem to be either a dupe for UD or MAC!!

Urban Decay Summer of Love Palette & WNW Comfort Zone & Dancing in the Clouds

May 21, 2014

Coppertone CLEARLYSheer

Have I got a sunscreen for you!!!...I have always HATED sunscreens because they make you feel sticky and most of them smell horrible!! So..I always end up sunburned.Every summer. Now, thanks to #BzzAgent & #Coppertone , I am going to be wearing sunscreen every time I go outside. I am in love with these new sunscreens!!(never thought I would say those words lol).

Because I am a BzzAgent,I was sent a big box full of the new COPPERTONE® CLEARLYSheer™ Sunscreens(FOR FREE).There are two kinds: the normal one for sunny days, and the waterproof one ! They come in sprays and lotions, and they come in at least 2 different SPF levels.( I was sent the 30 SPF and the 50 SPF).. All of them sink right into your skin and once they have absorbed , you cannot even tell you are wearing sunscreen! You will be able to smell the wonderful fragrance of them though. They don;t smell like normal sunscreens. These actually smell good!!

So go on out and pick one of these up!! I know you will love it!!!

***Sign up to become a BzzAgent and get free stuff sent to your door!!It's free, fast, and so easy to sign up!!(and definitely worth the time !!)****


May 20, 2014

bad, bad blogger !!

I am running behind on my weekly drugstore dupe video, and I wanted to apologize for that..I broke my toe on Sunday night and yesterday was rough,to say the least!! I am going to try to post this week's soon, & I  will be sure to make it a good one since you all have had to wait for it!!!

May 12, 2014

*BONUS* Dupe #2 !! Urban Decay VS Wet N WIld

Wet n Wild Coloricon Nude Awakening Palette vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette


We all know the vast difference in price between Urban Decay and Wet N WIld. Compare these two palettes and tell me they are not identical to each other!! AMAZING considering there is a $45 difference in price!! Yes, the UD palette has more shadows, but who ever uses every color in a palette? I rarely do.If you must have the entire UD palette, by all means buy it(go to if you want to own some fabulous colors for much cheaper, check out Wet N Wild!!


Drugstore Dupe of the Week!! NARS vs NYX

NARS Galapagos Eyeshadow VS. NYX Golden Amber Eyeshadow

NARS shadow retails for around $25, and the NYX is $5. That is quite a price difference! So, how do they compare?These shades are practically
identical, although the NARS shadow is slightly more pigmented, so you have to apply an extra coat of the NYX to duplicate the exact color.(with a $20 price difference, you can afford to swipe on one extra layer!).The NARS also contains harmful ingredients such as triclosan, BHA, and aluminum powder.NYX does not contain these or other harmful ingredients.
I honestly cannot think of one good reason to choose the NARS shadow over the NYX.(unless you just HAVE to have the "name" on your package)..

May 11, 2014

Wet N Wild Palettes

I recently purchase 4 new Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes, and I love them all! They were on sale buy 1 get 1 50% off, so i got a great deal on them! (Prices run from $2-$5 normally).

"Comfort Zone"

This palette has gorgeous colors. All of them have a shimmer to them, and a few of them are actually duochrome. The "crease" color on the right is a dupe for Kat Von D's shadeshifter shadow "On The Road". There are so many different looks you can create with this palette.If you are only going to buy one Wet N Wild palette( although I don't know why anyone would just want ONE lol), this one should be it!!


"Poster Child"

I LOVE the bright colors in this palette!I also like that all of these are Matte , with one exception: the yellow "browbone" color has a very faint shimmer to it. You can use every color in this palette as your lid color! As with most WNW palettes, there are limitless looks you can achieve with this. If you don;t like bright ,colorful eye looks, this one is probably not for you-unless you only use the pinks.

"Art In The Streets"

This is quickly becoming my favorite palette. I really like the bright colors, and I LOVE the orange. I own ALOT of eyeshadows and palettes, and this is the FIRST orange shadow I have ever owned!Orange is a very "IN " color this year, for eyes and for lips.You should look at some of the tutorials on youtube for this one- it is amazing all the looks people have come up with for this one!!I can't wait to play around with it and see what I can do with this one! I will be sure to post any good looks I come up with!

"Spoiled Brat"

Even though this one only has three colors, they are so
beautiful!!The lid color is a super bright (MATTE)fushcia and very pigmented,the crease color is a black with silver sparkles, and the browbone color is a very pigmented silver(use that one sparingly!) I bought it because of the fushcia color- I have been looking for a dark pink shadow for a while. and this is perfect!!

There are so many more palettes that Wet N Wild have that I want to get, but this is all I have for now.If it has been awhile since you used the WNW brand, you really should give them another try! Their shadows are all super silky and have wonderful pigmentation!And recently they have been coming out with some fantastic colors!! You can't beat the price, even if you have to buy them at retail. (You can find alot of them on and


Stila "In The Light" Palette Review

Yesterday I received another eyeshadow palette I had ordered from

Stila's "In The Light" Palette, which normally retails for $39, features 10 beautiful( matte & shimmer) neutral colors.The packaging is sturdy cardboard, which isn't my favorite, and for the price you would think they could make it metal or at least plastic. Mine was shipped all the way from China and all of the shadows were intact, so I guess the packaging isn't horrible! I think the Naked 2 & 3 palettes spoiled me as far as packaging goes. All-in all, I do really like this palette. It came with a nice sized mirror and a waterproof eyeliner also, which is nice.
The shadows themselves are very nice. Smooth and silky texture, good amount of pigment, and they stay put all day, at least they did with a primer under them. These are the names and descriptions of the colors in the palette:

~bare:(matte) off white/eggshell
~kitten: (metallic) gold
~sunset:(metallic) bronze
~sandstone: (matte) chocolate brown
~bubbly:(metallic) light gold
~gilded gold: (matte with gold glitter)light brown
~luster: (matte/shimmer) greenish-taupe
~night sky:(shimmer) grey/silver
~ebony: (matte) black

eyeliner included is the "smudge stick waterproof eye liner" in the color "damsel" (brown)

It also came with a booklet with instructions on different eye looks you can create with the palette.
Oh, by the way..I did NOT pay $39 for this, I payed $8.80 (and free shipping). I am telling you, if you like makeup, and would like to get high-end brands for less than you are paying for your drugstore brands, you need to check out aliexpress!! You will NOT be disappointed!!


May 5, 2014

Drugstore Dupe of the Week

NARS Orgasm vs NYX PInched

NARS Orgasm Blush retails for $30. NYX Pinched Blush retails for $5. Worth the difference?? You be the judge!!