Apr 15, 2017

Sp00ky Eyes Blue Contacts

I got 2 pair of blue contacts from Spooky Eyes, and I LOVE them both so much! Although both are a little different, they are both beautiful, vibrant blue and show up extremely well, even with my brown eyes. If you are looking for some gorgeous blue contacts that will show up no matter what your eye color, these would be perfect!!!!(and both pair are very comfortable, too!)

The first pair are the
 Big Eye Dolly Eye Blue Contact Lenses 

The second pair are the
 Color Vision Blue Manson Contact Lenses


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Mar 20, 2017

Cheap Ass Plugs Haul

Body Jewellery Shop Haul (March 2017)

March 2017 Body Jewellery Shop Haul

Body Jewellery Shop March 2017

I consider myself very lucky to get free jewellery and more from an awesome company called Body jewellery Shop.. They not only have gorgeous earrings, amazing body jewellery, they also have a wide selection of hair & beauty items, nail polish, Halloween costumes, contacts, & more..
This is what I got this time...

Two-Tone Titanium Circular Barbell (pink & blue)
 I got 2 of these, and they are gorgeous & very versatile ! I can use them in my ears, lips, or my septum. I really like these ! They also come with a spike instead of a ball and they are available in many different sizes.

 Two-Tone Titanium Micro Body Spiral (pink & blue)
 I also got 2 of these and they are so cool looking!! I can use them in my ears or my lips. They match the circular barbells I got and i can mix and match them with other pink or blue jewelry.

Titanium Flat Tongue Stud (dark blue)

 I have tried every type of tongue ring you can find, and this is honestly the most comfortable one I have ever tried! You can barely even tell you are wearing it! I love the flat ends- so much better than having those big balls that most tongue rings have! these are internally threaded and come in a variety of colors and lengths.

Stargazer Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (white)

It is hard to see in the photo, but this liner looks so pretty! I got it in white, so it is not super noticeable, but it gives your eyes  little hints of glitter that look beautiful in person. (In the photo below I am wearing it on the inner corners of my eye and also on my bottom lashline..)The glitter stays put too- it doesn't flake off like many glitters do!

Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye(black)

 The last item I got was the Stargazer Hair Dye in Black. I have not tried it yet, but have tried other Stargazer hair dyes and they work better than other temporary or semi permanent dye I have tried. The color stays in your hair a really long item and doesn't bleed out or rinse out every time you wash your hair like some other brands.
 If you have not already checked out this site, you really should! Their products are all high quality,their prices are super low and the shipping is fast!!!


Feb 21, 2017

Sp00ky Eyes Twilight Contacts

 Spooky Eyes has amazing, really good quality contacts, and I have never been disappointed in them. This time I was sent 2 pair of Twilight contacts, and they are both so beautiful!

The first pair are the Breaking Dawn contacts. They are a gorgeous, bright, deep red..

The second pair are called Bella Contacts. They are a bright golden yellow color, and although they are not quite as noticeable as the red ones, I think they look really good over my Amber/Brown eyes..

Breaking Dawn Contacts

Bella Contacts

Sp00ky Eyes

Twilight Contacts

Feb 10, 2017


I recently discovered an AWESOME new website that offers clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and much more.

Here is their mission, in their own words~"SheIn prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won’t break the bank. SheIn is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market. So whether you’re searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, SheIn is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista."

 My favorite non-fashion items are the sugar skull pillows &
mermaid tail blankets. So cute!! And their prices are so low!! You really should check them out!!



Feb 6, 2017

Body Jewellery Shop (Skull Jewellery) Haul

Another haul from the awesome company Body Jewellery Shop! I LOVE them so much!!! They are super generous and send me amazing jewellery for free!..This does not affect my opinions, however- I will always be completely honest whether I use my own money for products or not!
Everything I got this time is skull-themed (and super cute!!)..
Surgical Steel Circular Barbell - Silver Skulls (SES03)   

These are perfect for my snakebite piercings! I really like the way they look! I'm sure they would look equally cute in other piercings,too..As usual, these (and all of the other jewellery) are the best quality! No surprise, since I have never had any issues with the quality of this company's jewellery!
Surgical Steel and Silver Charm Circular Barbell - Skulls (DSE03)  
These have got to be the most adorable circular barbells I have ever seen! Instead of balls, they have little skulls!! I have them in my ears, but they would look really good in nipple or septum piercings too!!

Surgical Steel and Silver Charm Ball Closure Ring - Silver Skull (SCL01)
I know it is hard to see these in my ears, but trust me- they are sooooo cute!!! I am honestly very surprised at just how much I love these! CBR's have never been my friend before, so I was thrilled when I realized how easily these snapped into place! They are really tiny, and I like that about them! They are dainty and subtle, which is rare for any kind of skull jewellery! I want at least 2 more pairs of these so I can use them all of ear piercings!
If you have not already, do yourself a favor and go check out Body Jewellery Shop for yourself! They have so many wonderful things on their website! Body jewellery, earrings,hair dye , Halloween costumes, contacts, makeup & much more..  Everything is inexpensive, but great quality! Their shipping is really fast (and free for orders over $15!)